This report covers the main activities of the College during 2019 and it focuses around our four missions:

  1. High quality, innovative science
  2. Empowering young scientists
  3. Providing high value membership
  4. Strong relations with key partners

ECSS would like to thank everyone involved in working towards these goals. Without the support of our boards, office, members and partners we would not be able to make this contribution to the field of sport science.

Yours in sport science,


Professor Erich Müller

Professor Erich Müller, ECSS President Elect
Professor Erich Müller ECSS President

Becoming ECSS President at the 2019 ECSS congress in Prague was another special moment in my ECSS career. Having spent 22 years with the ECSS (since my first invited presentation in Copenhagen in 1997), I now bring my attention to my second term as President (2019-2021) where I will focus on a number of important aspects for the College, such as, a world-class congress (Sevilla 2020 and beyond), further developing the quality of our high impact journal, European Journal of Sport Science, empowering young scientists with the tools they need to be successful in their careers, securing the financial sustainability of the College, and, collaborating with my esteemed colleagues on our vision for the future. I’m looking forward to an exciting few years ahead.

Professor Joan Duda

Professor Joan Duda, ECSS Past President
Professor Joan Duda ECSS Past President
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It has been a great honour to serve as President of ECSS over the past two years. Everyone I have had the opportunity to regularly exchange with while President, including our most professional colleagues in the Cologne office, dedicated fellow members of the Executive Board, and the Chair and members of our hard-working Scientific Board and Scientific Committees, it has been a pleasure. Thank you for your support and thank you for all you do for ECSS.

In my Presidential Address, I argued for the importance of our annual congress (and journal) continuing to be where the best, cutting edge research (representing all the sub-disciplines which comprise the sport and exercise sciences) is welcomed and disseminated. From a sub-disciplinary perspective and in terms of the many other ways members of the ECSS community vary (gender, race, nationality, and so on), inclusivity is a hallmark of all we stand for and all we do.

I also made the point in my Address that the biggest ‘issues’ or societal ‘problems’ (such as inactivity, compromised mental health, optimal talent development) that we (as sport and exercise scientists) can impact, necessitate a joined up, interdisciplinary approach. Such a perspective will allow us to more effectively advance knowledge, enhance practice, and inform policy. Following the two presentations comprising our plenary sessions in the last two congresses, the more focused and interactive discussions between the two speakers (who address the topic at hand from different angles) is one step in the right direction to facilitate an interdisciplinary lens.

At the closing ceremony in Prague, we gave thanks to two wonderful colleagues who were stepping down from their multiple-year commitment on the ECSS Executive Board. Professor Tim Cable served as President of the College before me and helped push us toward a greater professionalism, aligning of our vision with key objectives and identifying Key Performance Indicators to monitor our progress toward these aims. Professor Stephen Seiler invigorated and further developed the Applied Sport Science theme within ECSS. Thank you both for all your contributions.

I look forward to working with our new ECSS President, new and continuing members of the Executive Board, and all those whose efforts and talents are fundamental to the function and achievements of our College. Much more to accomplish in the two years ahead.

Professor Jørn Wulff Helge

Professor Jørn Wulff Helge, ECSS President Elect
Professor Jørn Wulff Helge ECSS President Elect
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It is with great pride and privilege that I join the ECSS presidency as President Elect. I very much look forward to contributing over the coming six years to further develop our College and to achieve our goals and visions for sport science in Europe. In particular, I hope to work towards maintaining and even improving our key asset: the ECSS Congress, which gathers sports scientists from all over the world. Furthermore, I will work to support and promote our Journal, European Journal of Sport Science, which over time has developed into an ECSS cornerstone.

Paavo Komi Memorial

Following the very sad news that our Patron and close friend Paavo Komi passed away at his home in Uurainen, Finland on 10th October 2018, the ECSS organised a special memorial at the 2019 ECSS Congress in Prague.

Paavo was one of the main founders of the ECSS and undoubtedly its ‘spiritual father’, a constant guide and point of reference for the scientific standing of our College. We shall remember him with the greatest respect and gratitude for his scientific contribution and continued commitment to the ECSS. ECSS would not be what it is without the fantastic commitment of Paavo Komi.

The memorial began with a short introduction by ECSS President Joan Duda. Following this, a presentation of some of Paavo’s most memorable ECSS moments was given by Albert Gollhofer and Erich Müller and a book of condolence was handed over to Paavo’s wife, Raija. Paavo’s daughter, Kirsi, ended the memorial by giving a very moving and impressive speech on behalf of the family.

We send the family our deepest sympathy at this time and wish them all best wishes for the future.

Mission 1: High Quality, Innovative Science

The 24th Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science was a great success on many levels. The excellent scientific programme together with the rich social programme allowed participants from all around the world to enjoy the hospitability of Prague Congress Center (PCC) as well as the organising committee from Charles University and all ECSS boards and committees. This tremendous collaboration was also captured by the PCC’s marketing team in this video.

Cutting edge science that creates great debate

ECSS Prague 2019 showcased the latest and most topical sport science from world-leading speakers, including the big debate around sport and brain injury with plenary speakers Ann McKee, Eric Anderson and Adam White, chaired by Susanna Heddenborg. While opinions may differ on this hot topic, it created huge debate at the congress and encouraged individuals to be open about their views and listen to what others had to say. Ann McKee gives us a breakdown following the session in this short video clip

Watch the plenary on Sport and Brain Injuries: A Red Flag for Sport? :

If you missed any of the plenary sessions at ECSS Prague 2019, you can catch up with all of them here.

Congress logistics

The ECSS scientific board introduced a new ‘tour guide’ poster system which was in full use for the first time in Prague. This fantastic development means that sound quality for those attending and running the poster sessions is greatly improved and presentations can now be enjoyed without distraction through the use of headsets. ECSS values poster presentations as an important part of scientific communication.

‘tour guide’ poster system
‘tour guide’ poster system 2

In addition to the new tour guide system, the scientific board also updated the congress disciplines as follows:

  • BM
    = Biomechanics and Motor Control
  • PN
    = Physiology and Nutrition
  • SH
    = Psychology, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • MH
    = Sports and Exercise Medicine and Health
  • AP
    = Applied Sports Sciences

This realignment brings the congress and European Journal of Sport Science even closer together, and also provides a new platform for the important research area of exercise and health. Similarly, Nutrition is now given more presence in the renamed Physiology and Nutrition discipline.

ECSS will continue to ensure multi/inter-disciplinarity via programme building. This will be done by composing sessions with similar research themes and topics but presented with different research methodologies. For example, a session with six open submission abstracts in ‘overtraining’ could be composed by presentations from Social Science, Biomechanics, Physiology and Nutrition.

Boards and Committees

ECSS would like to acknowledge and thank the following people for their contribution to the ECSS boards and committees.





Left the Executive Board in 2019 after 6 years





Left the Scientific Committee in 2019 after 8 years





Left the Scientific Committee in 2019 after 8 years





Left the Scientific Committee in 2019 after 8 years

United kingdom

United kingdom

Janice L.


Left Scientific Committee in 2019 after 8 years and will continue on the Executive Board




New members of the Scientific Board



United kingdom

United kingdom



Left the Executive Board in 2019 after 8 years and will continue on the Scientific Board



Maria Francesca


Left the Scientific Committee in 2019 after 8 years and will continue on the Scientific Board





Left the Scientific Committee in 2019 after 8 years and will continue on the Scientific Board

NEW MEMBERS OF THE Scientific Committee



United kingdom

United kingdom












Congress statistics

Abstracts Presented
YIA Applicants
YIA Finalists
Global Outreach
Participating Countries
Bengt Saltin runners

We are also proud to present some further Prague highlights in this video produced by Wechselszene


European Journal of Sport Science (EJSS)

The Official Journal of the European College of Sport Science

ejss.info | @EurJSportSci

EJSS promotes the highest standards of scientific study and scholarship in respect of the following fields:

  • Applied Sport Sciences
  • Biomechanics and Motor Control
  • Physiology and Nutrition
  • Psychology, Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Sports and Exercise Medicine and Health

Professor Andrew Jones, EJSS Editor-in-Chief Scientific Board

EJSS is now firmly established as one of the world’s premier multidisciplinary sport science journals.

Professor Andrew Jones EJSS Editor-in-Chief
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EJSS’ impact factor has steadily increased over recent years, with its highest ever impact factor and ranking in 2016. Its current impact factor is 2.376, and the journal is ranked 29th in Thomson’s Sport Sciences ISI category.

EJSS Impact Factor 2.576
Impact Factor
Submission to decision

Video Abstracts

This year the social media team has been doing a study on the impact of video abstracts and video animations. Video abstracts are a great way of increasing the visibility of authors and their work. They offer authors the opportunity to introduce and communicate their work to different audiences. They are short (e.g. two minutes) and informative and are promoted through the EJSS Twitter account @EurJSportSci on a regular basis.

The Benefits of Video Abstracts

Check out this short video and see below:

  • A video abstract is a short video introducing an article to a reader. It allows an author to tell the story about your work.
  • An article with an accompanying video attached, may be accessed up to 10 times more than an article without one.
  • Video abstracts are an increasingly popular way of allowing others to engage with published research, increasing the visibility of your work, and are published alongside the text abstract on the publisher’s website.
  • They are an effective way of sharing via social media – particularly through Twitter – or email.
  • If your article has yet to receive the online attention it deserves, this is a great way to increase visibility.

EJSS Best Paper Award

EJSS Best Paper Award
EJSS Best Paper Award Winner

We celebrated the third ‘EJSS Best Paper Award’ at ECSS Prague 2019. The award supports ECSS’s mission to “disseminate high quality, innovative science and its application”. It creates a stronger link between the journal and congress, in terms of readership, engagement, and high quality science.

The winning paper for the 2018 calendar year is The electrocardiographic manifestations of athlete's heart and their association with exercise exposure by Dr Bessem and colleagues. Following an exhaustive review and nomination process, this paper was selected based on a high level of originality, significance, methodological rigour, and potential impact. The EJSS Editors were impressed by the design of this large-scale study which provides new insight into this important topic and has significant implications for future practice.

Free Access

The electrocardiographic manifestations of athlete's heart and their association with exercise exposure

Authors: Bram Bessem, Matthijs C. De Bruijn, Wybe Nieuwland, Johannes Zwerver and Maarten Van Den Berg
Published in Volume 18, Issue 4 | DOI: 10.1080/17461391.2018.1441910

Mission 2: Empowering Young Scientists


It was another great year for the ECSS Young Investigators Award with 368 applications submitted. Following a thorough assessment process, 110 finalists were invited to present their research to an international audience in Prague.

ECSS would like to thank all 110 finalists for their valuable contribution and their hard work and preparation for presenting their findings at ECSS Prague 2019. We hope it was a valuable and memorable experience for all involved.

2019 Winners

1st Yves-Alain Kuhn
2nd Ciara O’Brien
3rd Natalie Shur
4th Nima Gharahdaghi
5th Robert Morton
Matthias König
Meghan Bentley
Amelie Werkhausen
Grace Tidmarsh
Sara Oikawa
1st Michael Wheeler
2nd Charlotte Richter
3rd Taisei Konno
4th Caspar Fuchs

Mission 3: Providing high value membership

ECSS membership is not just about a list of benefits.

ECSS membership is about supporting sport science.

As a discipline
As a community
As a career path

Support your future in sport science and

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How can ECSS support my career?

If you want to enhance your career and get ahead, ECSS provides a range of platforms and tools to help you through each stage.

ECSS is committed to helping members achieve their goals. Get in touch today if you need our assistance.

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Mission 4: Strong relations with key partners

We would like to thank all of our partners for their continued support in 2019. It’s a pleasure working with our partners and watching them interact with delegates during the congress, observing the important connections that are being made between industry and academia.

Official ECSS industry partners

We aim to support our partners and exhibitors each year by introducing new innovations such as SportEx and the Exhibition Raffle. SportEx is the official exhibition of the ECSS. Congress delegates have access to the exhibition as well as athletes, practitioners, coaches, physiotherapists and the interested public. SportEx gives exhibitors the opportunity to invite local clients and distributers to their booth and organise events during the congress.

exhibition Gallery Thumb 1 exhibition Gallery Thumb 2 exhibition Gallery Thumb 3 exhibition Gallery Thumb 4

Official ECSS scientific partners


Looking ahead

We are honoured to invite you to ECSS Sevilla, 1-3 July 2020, where we will celebrate the 25th (silver) anniversary of our annual congress. Following your feedback, we have refined our congress model and Sevilla will open its doors for a ‘pre-congress day’ on Tuesday 30th June 2020, allowing you to arrive early, register, and enjoy satellites, workshops and the general assembly. Three days of high quality, innovative science and a world-class exhibition will follow, with congress doors closing later in the day on Friday 3rd July.

ECSS Sevilla 2020 will bring:

Learn how to register here and watch the short video below to see what this congress and city has to offer.

If you have any queries about ECSS Sevilla 2020 please get in touch office@ecss-congress.eu

Would you like to partner with ECSS? Contact partner@sport-science.org